CAD 设计

We design and develop from concept to production stage. We're just as familiar with development requirements as we are with the conflicting aims of cost, installation space and weight. Our know-how enables us to fulfil the product specifications regarding function, quality and optical appearance, even before the first prototype is built. In addition to implementing the product requirements we also take care to further develop optimized design methods.

Tools / Fixtures / Testing equipment
We develop equipment used for production, where we are guided by the necessity to comply with deadlines, costs and quality requirements. Here concepts turn into production-ready data sets with manufacturing drawings and parts lists. Production and assembly processes are coordinated with manufacturing companies and departments. The target is a quick and low-cost implementation of process-integrated fixtures.

•    Assembly fixtures
•    Assembly aids
•    Special tools
•    Handling devices
•    Gauges and testing equipment

When it comes to the "inner values" of a vehicle, the focus is on the interior. Its look and feel plays a fundamental role in the design process of a vehicle. The look, comfort, ergonomics and functionality all determine the quality of the interior, but at the same time costs need to be kept under control.

In terms of exterior development, we see ourselves as a strong development partner and system integrator who coordinates system suppliers and guarantees function validation as a process driver.