CAD 模拟

Complete vehicle / Package / DMU (Digital Mock-up) / Kinematics
All the 3D CAD data in a series relating to the location and structure of product components and their modular design are compiled and checked in the vehicles departments.

The increasing complexity of product components and ever closer installation spaces require the use of Package investigations.

With collision checks (DMU) between 3D CAD models, we ensure the geometric integration inside installation space. In this context, we retain your claims from initial concept to final production stage as well in mind as the technical feasibility and quality. As interfaces between individual departments we ensure a maximum in process reliability and product tolerances within the different installation spaces.

The aim is to enable an early extensive geometric analysis and to validate installation space using computer-aided assembly models which represent the geometry, location and structure of the product components.

We use our extensive expertise to support you in each phase of your DMU projects.
We focus on

  • geometric and static validation of complex assemblies
  • dynamic simulations, including the installation of individual parts, assemblies and assembly stations for production resources