The planning and implementation of optimum load carriers and packaging that meet economic and ecological criteria is a key aspect of lean material supply. We can help you achieve this objective.
Our range of services in this area includes

  • the production of economic efficiency analyses,
  • the evaluation and optimization of existing packaging concepts and
  • planning, procurement and implementation of new packaging solutions.

We examine the entire value stream from the very beginning, drawing on lean management methods to develop cost-optimized and ergonomic supply strategies.

In addition to traditional load carrier concepts we also use new solutions such as car set, consignment and sequence containers. Alternatively we might also consider options such as container reengineering, standardization or containerless supply.

Take a look at the results we can achieve with our self-designed packaging concepts to understand why we should be your first choice in this area:

  • Efficiency-enhancing solutions for the entire product lifecycle (reusable vs. disposable)
  • Low costs (avoidance of maintenance requirements and quality defects)
  • Reliable protective functions (delivery of undamaged goods)
  • Intelligent warehouse functions (standardized dimensions for chaotic warehousing)
  • Optimum external transport functions (greater utilization of transport)
  • Effective internal transport functions (reduced handling process costs)
  • Simple handling functions (ergonomic requirements placed on containers)
  • Intelligent declaration functions (labeling requirements / RFID)