In analogy to "Lean Production", "lean logistics" includes the fundamental separation of value-added and non-value adding activities. But here the logistics including all interfaces are in focus. More than just the areas of just-in-sequence or just in time, the complete supply chain, including suppliers are integrated in lean logistics, to achieve a comprehensive, customer-oriented optimization. Consistent guideline is the line-back planning approach, in which the supply chain is optimized by the requirements of the production according to the pull principle.

The interface between Assembly and Logistics is the line-side area. Here, a lean manufacturing optimization can lead to higher logistics costs. Lean logistics provides special methods and tools in this context for an integral optimization approach, where we always keep the total cross-sector costs in mind.

Starting from the line-side areas, our logistics specialists cover wastes in the areas of

  • warehouse,
  • material buffer
  • transport
  • container and
  • production and process planning

consistently and implement innovative and lean processes for you. Our range of services includes supply and packaging concepts as well as material flow and structural concepts.