We are well-versed in all the most common CAD and PLM systems. We have an in-depth knowledge of the CAD methodologies typically used in our branches and we are familiar with product development processes.

As an independent service provider, we are a neutral and expert partner for tasks such as

  • Preparation of your CAD data using the CAD system and according to the guidelines of your OEM-end-customer
  • Work in progress, versioning, revision
  • Handling of CAD-specific links and data types
  • Generation of parts list information from design data

Visualization / Conversion
Do you have problems to visualize or to process the data provided from your customer? Or the other way around? We`re here to help converting them into a suitable format for you or your customer.

Furthermore we can help you

  • select suitable visualization tools and formats.
  • configure the systems for individual departments.
  • train your staff to use the systems.

We have hands-on experience with systems (for example VisView) and are also familiar with open neutral formats such as JT, Step, IGES, PDF and more.